Every Monday 


Scout Hall



£5  (£3 extra child)

Wolverton Scout Hall,

Furze Way,


Milton Keynes 


MK12 5AQ.








I grew up in North Milton Keynes and have a great fondness for the area. After some of my MK friends attended the Harrold group with their young ones he was convinced in to bringing Piccolos Music Club to MK. Initially setting up camp in the wonderful Buskers Coffee Shop, which made for a fabulous group and always well attended, which left some issues with space when trying to entertain the young Piccolettes.  So Piccolos Music Club moved up the road to Wolverton Scout Hall, located perfectly in the centre of the community , ample space to move around and a kitchen for refreshments. The Loyal locals followed and Piccolos Music Club is now firmly rooted in the Wolverton toddler weekly planner.