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Pre School and Nursery Hire

All Piccolos Music Club School sessions are made up of the usual songs, stories and games. But, with the teachers and support staff on hand, the children do seem to concentrate that little extra and so gives Piccolos the opportunity to focus on the more educative side of its repetoire. Self written interactive songs like, 'Crotchet and Quaver', which gives the Children the basics in clapping out rhythms, or "I hear with my little ear', which teaches them instrument recognition, engage the Children and make learning a great deal of fun. Singing, dancing, song writing, playing intsruments and stories always figure in the class and the Children have the opportunity to discover many varied genres of music, be it Hip Hop, Classical, Opera or Metal. Special requests can be catered for as well. Mark has written and run themed sessions before on subjects like, Diwali, Summer Holidays and Christmas.    


  Mark at Piccolos Music Club started running sessions in schools a long time before setting up his own weekly groups, so knows only too well how to deliver an engaging, informative, enjoyable experience. He has been a regular at Headstart nurseries, Harrold, Carlton, Sharnbrook and Turvey Pre Schools entertaining upto 60 children at any one time. He is very aware that no two sessions are the same and has the ability to adapt to the Childrens needs and shape the session, on the go. He has his full, current, CRB/DBS certificate and works in schools and youth groups for older children and teenagers in Beds, Bucks and Northants. 



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