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Songwriting Workshops

What happens:

We come to your house equipped with our mobile studio. Time will be spent with your children talking about what type of song they wish to write and record. Any genre is possible from Hip Hop to Metal to Musicals to Pop!!! We then start to write lyrics using literary aids. Once the basis of the lyrics are assembled we then turn our attention to melodies. Eventually ending up with the bare bones of a song. We then lay down a simple backing track for the children to sing over and play any instruments they wish to. If you choose to book a 2nd session your child will be given a CD to practice and potentially write some further lyrics for to record in greater detail in the next session. If you have planned only 1 session, we then take away the recording and sprinkle some Piccolo Musical Magic over it to turn it into a hit record!!! You will then receive  your Childs CD and MP3 a few days later. A CD insert template and plastic sleeve are provided for them to design and make a lovely keepsake. 

Invite friends:

You can invite your childrens friends along to enjoy the experience make it into a band recording. See rates below. 

Go viral!!!:

You can choose to upgrade your package to include putting your childs finished masterpiece on download and streaming services including.... 

How much:

2 hour party is priced at £80 and then £15 for every additional child.

3 hour party is priced at £120 and then £20 for every additional child.

How to book:

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