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The Welcome song announces the start of Music Club with a bang. The Children join in on the Instruments and everybody sings along.

The Children take turns picking animals from all around the world, and we all jump around impersonate them to Old Macdonald. Always a hit with all ages.

A selection of classic nursery rhymes and childrens songs, turned into little games or scenarios. 

The tambourines, glockenspeils, shakers, trumpets and more all come out once again for a game of instrument statues.

Game of identifying Disney classic songs and acting out the this case, Baloo the Bear, Colonel Hathi the Elephant and King Louie the Orangutan. 

One of Piccolos own interactive part story, part songs. All about a trip to the cafe where the Children play the role of the irratable Waiter.  

The Children learn to play air guitar with the aid of ribbons​. Always a favourite with the Parents and youngsters alike. 

Puppet show featuring the sleepy, forgetful Guitarist, Gibson the Lamb, and his trusty sidekick, Snakey Dave on Drums. 

The Jerky Turkey is a dancing game that always fills the floor...probably Piccolos most requested activity.

The Children all get a chance in the spotlight with another of Piccolos own songs. Or if centre stage isn't for them, they clap along with the grown ups to this catchy number. 

A permanent fixture on the set list, which signals the end of the session is nigh. The bubble machine comes out and the children pop away to a special bubble popping tune.

Always the finishing song. The parents or carers, fill in a song sheet during the session with one line anicdotes about their young ones. The group leader then sings to each individual child their special goodbye tale and everybody waves to everybody..lots. Followed by Refreshments and Piccolos stickers. 

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